Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Is your lower body really engaged?

Teaching lower body engagement as an "action" makes sustainable fastball command a physical impossibility!

What the collective baseball community wants you to believe!

The collective baseball community abuses your trust in them when they let you believe “you engage your lower body when, 'after' your front foot makes contact with the ground, your throwing arm pulls your back hip forward”.

To experience the sustainable fastball command associated with actual lower body engagement, your lower body rotation occurs 'before' your throwing arm comes into release.

When you see your back hip come forward as a result of your throwing arm pulling your back hip forward, the drag from your back hip naturally expands your release window.

To experience sustainable fastball command, we teach you how to make your ball release a reaction to a predetermined glove side hip tilt at foot plant.

Contact me to discover the simple adjustments that’ll get your hips to pull your throwing hand into release.

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