Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Rotation without forward movement produces sustainability.

You never know when you’ll begin your throwing action - At the first sign of a forward weight shift, your subconscious uses your throwing arm to counterbalance your weight shift. Until your subconscious it senses your lower body is your center of balance, you continue using your throwing arm for balance. At the point where your body is back in balance, your subconscious frees your throwing arm to complete your delivery.

We don’t know of any Coach who knows how to teach a Pitcher to move down the mound and into their foot plant at the exactly same rate all the time. Even a fraction of a second difference from one pitch to the next translates to the Pitcher missing their last pitch release point by a ½ inch and their location by 3 inches.  Missing your target by 3 inches means, at the highest levels, the Pitcher gives their Opponent an opportunity to drive the ball.

You begin your throwing action at the same time all the time - Sustainability comes from using one rotation at the same time on every pitch that’ll force your subconscious to spontaneously take your throwing hand through the same productive path.

By teaching Pitchers to end your front leg lift using your lower body for balance, the Sustainability Network allows the Pitcher to rotate their body into their foot plant at the same point all the time which, to their body back in balance, uses their subconscious to spontaneously bring their throwing hand through the same tiny release window.

Sustainability comes from using a Pitcher’s throwing arm not for offsetting a forward weight shift, but to bring their body back to balance after they rotate out of your lower body balanced front leg lift.

Skip Fast,
Professional Pitching Institute
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