Monday, December 25, 2017

The “why’s” drive pitching success.

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Mind your Pitching.

Central to everything you do throughout your life, your body is driven to keep you safe by keeping your body in balance. Your mind continually monitors and repositions your body parts to keep your core upright and centered between your hips.

Balance beams mirror pitching.

As examples, think about how your body takes over your arm movements when you walk a balance beam, how when you go over a pebble when riding your bike your arms instinctively move your front wheel in the right direction or how when you walk down a flight-of-stairs and take a bad step how your arms reach out to keep your from falling over. Each one proves your subconscious monitoring system natural, before you can even think to make the adjustment, uses your arms to keep/get your body in balance.

Enhanced pitching performances.

Your instinctive drive to stay in balance doesn't just disappear when your motion demands you balance yourself on one foot. It's always there, but it's up to an Accountable Pitching Coach to use your drive to enhance your pitching performances.

An accountable Pitching Coach puts your body in harmony with itself and puts you in a position to make influential baseball people recognize how your sustainability will be an asset to his Team.

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Accountable Pitching Coaches promote early rotation.

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Pitching rotation.

There’s only one way to make your throwing action into a spontaneous reaction to your lower body movements... rotate your lower body before your front foot hits the ground.

Pitching inefficiency.

With both feet on the ground, to get any hip movement, an Accountable Coach understands your throwing side shoulder needs to pull your back hip forward.  An Accountable Pitching Coach who sees this happen instantly recognizes, instead of your throwing arm reacting to your lower body movements, your independent throwing arm action makes you much less effective than you can be.

Effective pitching responses.

However, for an Accountable Coach to get your throwing arm to instinctively respond to your lower body gyrations, he positions your body to rotate before your front foot hits the ground.  By doing this, an Accountable Coach gives you one option… he’s forcing a spontaneous throwing arm reaction to bring your throwing hand through a surprisingly sustainable and very competitive release window.
Feel like you miss your target over the plate too often? Feel like your opponent controls you? Feel like you’re always working on your arm slot?  … then, to make your throwing action a spontaneous reaction to your lower body movements, spend a half hour with an Accountable Coach.

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