Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Rotation without forward movement produces sustainability.

You never know when you’ll begin your throwing action - At the first sign of a forward weight shift, your subconscious uses your throwing arm to counterbalance your weight shift. Until your subconscious it senses your lower body is your center of balance, you continue using your throwing arm for balance. At the point where your body is back in balance, your subconscious frees your throwing arm to complete your delivery.

We don’t know of any Coach who knows how to teach a Pitcher to move down the mound and into their foot plant at the exactly same rate all the time. Even a fraction of a second difference from one pitch to the next translates to the Pitcher missing their last pitch release point by a ½ inch and their location by 3 inches.  Missing your target by 3 inches means, at the highest levels, the Pitcher gives their Opponent an opportunity to drive the ball.

You begin your throwing action at the same time all the time - Sustainability comes from using one rotation at the same time on every pitch that’ll force your subconscious to spontaneously take your throwing hand through the same productive path.

By teaching Pitchers to end your front leg lift using your lower body for balance, the Sustainability Network allows the Pitcher to rotate their body into their foot plant at the same point all the time which, to their body back in balance, uses their subconscious to spontaneously bring their throwing hand through the same tiny release window.

Sustainability comes from using a Pitcher’s throwing arm not for offsetting a forward weight shift, but to bring their body back to balance after they rotate out of your lower body balanced front leg lift.

Skip Fast,
Professional Pitching Institute
Sustainability Network Team Leader
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Monday, June 12, 2017

There is only ONE way to fix a motion.

What you see when you look at a motion are behaviors.

A “behavior” is a reaction to an action.

Your wasting your time trying to change a “behavior” by changing the “behavior”?

The Sustainability Network makes the behaviors you see more efficient, more functional and more sustainable by addressing the action causing the behavior you want to change.

In fact, when you know what to look for, the way you see your body behave tells you which actions you need to address.

Become a Sustainability Network Member today!!!

As a Network Member, you use the 5 Core Behaviors to point you to the one action that’ll improve a Pitcher’s effectiveness, execution and sustainability. 

Skip Fast,
Professional Pitching Institute
Sustainability Network Team Leader
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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Elite pitchers focus on their motion, not their results.

When a pitcher’s results are unacceptable, they adjust their motion. Their motion’s efficiency, functionality and sustainability becomes only as good as their most acceptable last pitch result.
For any pitcher to distinguish themselves, they become more efficient than other pitchers, make their movements more functional than other pitchers and show greater sustainability than other pitchers. 
Pitchers who make efficiency, functionality and sustainability their goal are offered more next-level opportunities than pitchers who live and die by their last pitch result. 

Efficient – A pitcher’s organized and systematic movements waste no energy.
- Efficient pitchers use their front leg lift to produce lower body balance and their core rotation to trick your body into producing unbelievably exceptional results.

Functional – Rather than whether a pitcher’s motion looks right, the best pitchers design their motion to effectively use their core to produce their results.
- Pitchers with a core-driven approach magically produce next-level results and, because they realize they can’t produce better results than they do through their core-driven delivery, they stop trying to make their motion look the way someone else says their motion should look. 
Sustainable – The elite pitchers know how to maintain their results from one pitch to the next and from season to season.
- These pitchers use their efficient and functional core-driven responses to simply and systematically maintain their results.
I turn inefficient, dysfunctional and unsustainable arm-driven deliveries into an efficient, functional and sustainable core-driven motions.  Contact me to show the pitchers you know what I can do for them.

Skip Fast
Independent Major League Pitching Consultant
Pro Pitching Institute

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ever wonder what differentiates an exceptional pitcher from everyone else... well, wonder no more!

Ever wonder what differentiates an exceptional pitcher from everyone else... well, wonder no more! 

A Core-Driven Motion - The answer is quite simple. Elite #1 MLB Starters and multiple year Cy Young winners use their lower body for balance.  Their lower body balance keeps their arms uninvolved with their balance and lets them use their lower body rotation to move their throwing arm into an exceptional and easily repeated release window.

A Common Arm-Driven Motion - Some correctable movement causes a weight shift.  To offset your weight shift, you use your arms for balance. Worst yet, using your arms for balance stops any lower body rotation, delays your throwing hand into release and signals your Team that you're extremely replaceable.

Pitching is a balance sport.
A lot of balance and a little effort defines your core-driven motion and results. The balance that produces a core-driven delivery occurs at the top of your front leg lift. At the top of your front leg lift, our 5 pitching competencies put your body in a position where gravity becomes a non-factor and your lower body becomes your primary source of balance. In fact, what separates your core-driven motion from any arm-driven delivery is your lower body balance. Our 5 pitching competencies focus on and teach you how to use your legs and hips for balance.
To elevate your arm-driven motion into core-driven delivery, ask for our help.
Skip Fast
Pro Pitching Institute
Major League Pitching Consultant

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to change your motion without changing your motion.

Your worst outcomes come from your working release point being different from your most competitive release point.

Physically, the motions where you experience a difference between these two release points means you used your throwing arm for balance.

Visually, with a disconnect between these two release point, means you see your pitch finish way away from your intended.

The way your body works, there's only one spot that causes you to use your throwing arm for balance... your initial foot placements.

By changing your foot placements, we eliminate you using your throwing arm for balance as much as you do, make your working release come through your most competitive release point more often and do all of the above without changing your motion.

By adjusting your foot placements, we make your worst pitches finish closer to your target, reduce the times your working release misses your most competitive release and do all of the above without changing the motion that got you where you are today.

When you change your initial foot placements for the better, you become competitive at the next-level right now!!!

L.A. "Skip" Fast
Independent Major League Consultant
Pro Pitching Institute

Monday, February 20, 2017

Is your working release point the same as your most competitive release point?

Everyone has a release point where, when your hand passes through this point, you get the most competitive results.

If, on every pitch, you could get your hand to move through this space all the time, you won't need any coaching.

The fact is that no one supporting you journey to pitching greatness knows how to get your hand to consistently move through this space.

Your Coaches have tried and I don’t want you to forget what they told you, but I do want you to stop trying to do what they told you to do and let me show you how to do what they asked you.

When you work with me, I accept full full responsibility for your results. That means, when you miss your target by a lot, it’s my fault, not yours.

First, I’ll show you how to use very little effort to ­­place every pitch into your target area and then I’ll show you how to use late ball movement, a deceptive arm action and superior command to challenge every hitter to make solid contact with your pitch.

“So how about we get started?”

L.A. "Skip" Fast
Major League Pitching Consultant
Pro Pitching Institute

Monday, January 30, 2017

How does your balance impact your results?

"Balance" means your shoulders and hips are directly one another and your hips are level to the ground.
- When in "balance", your upper body is free to move any way you want.
- With an "imbalance", you lose control of your movements until you get your body back into "balance". 
(Your "balance" response is called a "righting reflex".) 

You want to create ONE late "imbalance" - You generate ONE "imbalance" by coming into your front leg lift with your body in "balance" and then produce a planned "imbalance" that forces you to land your foot plant with your chest facing your target and your front hip lower than your back hip.
By doing this, you get back in "balance" by ...  
1. Your shoulders rotate to match your hips. (You engage your lower body.)
2. To satisfy your mind's urge to get your body back in "balance", without any effort you make totally spontaneous and naturally productive throwing action. 
No matter the pitch called, your consistent fastball arm speed, late ball movement and pinpoint command challenges your opponent to make solid contact with your pitch.

An early "imbalance" isn't nearly as effective - By ending your front leg lift with your hips tilted, you lose your lower body and end up throwing all upper body.
By ending your front leg lift with a hip tilt... 
1. You come out of your front leg lift with an "imbalance".  (With only one foot touching the ground, it becomes a physical impossibility to get your body back in "balance".)
2. Only after your front foot gets back on the ground and you get your hips back to level do you regain use of your upper body. 
3. In the process, your "balance" gives your body nothing to react to and you're forced to delivery each pitch with your shoulders whirling around your neck.
You never really know where your pitch is going to end up or whether your opponent picked on your throwing arm angle tipping your pitch. 

Now you know that the best way to have "balance" impact your results comes from your "balance" into the top of your front leg lift allowing you to generate ONE late "imbalance".

In fact, when you do this, you can use your results to measure your front leg lift.  (When you miss your target by an unacceptable distance, you merely revisit and refine your movements into your front leg lift.)

L.A. “Skip” Fast
Pro Pitching Institute
Independent Major League Pitching Coach

“My simple, yet extremely powerful, business rule: fix it once and move on!”