Monday, February 26, 2018

Who’s best for your pitching? … Pitching Coach or Pitching Analyst

pitching analyst

Your Pitching Coach.

Your Pitching Coach’s job is to teach you how to keep your Team close enough to win. A Pitching Coach tells you what he thinks your motion should look like and uses your pitch results to remind you about what you need to do to improve your next pitch outcome.

He sees your pitch results, he sees what you do, but, unless he knows how to interpret the way your body reacts to itself, he doesn’t realize how difficult he makes it for you to accomplish the things he wants you to achieve. 

A Pitching Analyst.

As a pitching analyst, I know what “good” pitching looks like and, better yet, understand how to eliminate whatever is blocking you from achieving your pitching dreams.

I breed confidence, accelerate your development and, as we talk about your pitching, give you a clear vision of what and why you do everything you do.

My involvement is short yet quickly introduces every pitching skill you need to show you’ll be very competitive at your next-level right now!

What does a pitching analyst do?

There’s always a reason your pitch misses your Catcher’s target outside his body. Your miss tells me your pitching motion is sick.

Missing your Catcher’s target outside his body 2 pitches in a row for no known reason means you have a disease and, unless you find for a cure, your competitive pitching career is about to die.
If anyone you know realized your motion was sick, you wouldn’t find yourself missing your target by so much so often.

You want the cure what ails you; you need to ask for my help.

A pitching analyst makes you look good.

Everything I present will show your Coach what he wants to see, but I’ll teach you how to produce what he wants without talking about it or you ever thinking about it.

Instead of wasting your bullpen time working on your muscle memory, you’ll use your bullpen sessions to sharpen and reinforce our focus and, when you get the call, you’ll dazzle your Coach, your Team and the crowd.

You’ll show your Coach what he wants to see, you’ll keep your Team close enough to win and you’ll make yourself and your Coach look very good.

People may critique your outing, but no one will criticize your performance and, most likely, you’ll earn even more mound time.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

How to locate every pitch all the time.

Pro Pitching Institute

Scientific pitching fact

Your body is driven to keep you stable!

Instability compromises pitch location.

When your movements create an instability into the top of your front leg lift, you’re going to lose your location and here’s why?

1. To move into your foot plant, some movement creates a forward weight shift.
2. Your forward weight shift prompts your body to use your throwing arm to get your body back to stable.
3. Until your front foot gets back on the ground and your core moves to the center, your body continues to involve your throwing arm with your stability.
4. Once your body comes back to stable, you free your throwing arm to complete your delivery.
5. You’ve effectively allowed your throwing action to become in independent action.

About an independent throwing action…

1. Since your throwing arm is no longer involved with your stability, you maintain complete control over your arm slot, but, at the same time, your body wants to take your throwing hand through your natural arm slot.
2. You see your last pitch result and then use your last pitch results to influence your next pitch arm slot.
3. Since your release window is driven by 2 factors (where your body needs your throwing arm path and the throwing path you want your throwing arm to take), you lose the ability to locate your pitches, you Team needs to overcome your lack of location and, at the highest levels, your Coaches can’t count on you to follow the scouting reports.

Stability creates pitch location.

Location comes from making your throwing action an involuntary reflex to a deliberately coached foot plant body position.

1. You do this by completing your front leg lift in a stable position. 
2. Your stable front leg lift position frees your arms to bring you into an intentionally unstable foot plant body position.
3. By relying on your body’s need to get your body back to stable, your unstable foot plant forces you to make a completely spontaneous and totally productive throwing (re)action.

Want to learn how to locate every pitch you throw? Contact us.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

What direction is your motion taking you?

Pro Pitching Institute
Forward momentum destroys pitching performances.

Because your body is driven to keep itself stable, moving down the mound the forces you to use your arms to get your body back to stable. Only after you get your body back to stable are you able to make a secondary throwing action.

When you let your throwing action become a secondary movement, you can only hope your eye-to-hand coordination is good enough to deliver your pitch directly into your Catcher’s target.

Forward momentum compounds your problems.  The arm slot that works for your fastball isn’t the arm slot that’ll work for your off-speed pitches and, to change speeds, you need to slow your arm speed down.

It gets worst! In make your next pitch/outing better than your last, you’re constantly fiddling with your delivery. By constantly toying with your motion, your improvement is driven by your results, not your motion and, until you make a couple of simple adjustments, your pitching career suffers.

Let your pitching motion drive your results!

By beginning your delivery in a stable position, while still perched on one leg, a planned glove side action creates a predetermined an unstable condition that forces your hips to rotate.  Your hip rotation generates another planned instability that, to get your body back to stable, forces you to make a throwing action.

As a spontaneous reaction to your hip rotation, your pinpoint location, consistent fastball arm speed and very late movement challenges the most mature hitters to make solid contact with all pitches coming out of your hand.

Your execution drives your results!

Your pitching challenges.

Once your posture at the top of your front leg lift prompts even the smallest instability, you won’t be able to get your glove side to trigger your throwing action.  You let this happen and you have no options but to let your results drive your motion.

Contact us to experience the guaranteed success associated with keeping your glove side free to trigger your throwing action.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Pitching: Why pitching success seems so elusive?

Pitching Stability. 

Nature dictates you use your arms to stabilize your body. When you look at this in another way, only after you stabilize your body can you move your arms the way you want.  

Rotational Force Creates Pitching Superiority. 

Finishing your front leg lift with your weight evenly centered between your base of support frees your arms to rotate your body around your core.  With your arms free, you use your arm action to create a very predictable glove side imbalance.  The instant you make this action, too get your body back of stable, you force yourself to subconsciously resolve your imbalance by making a spontaneous throwing (re)action.  

Your spontaneous throwing (re)action naturally brings your throwing hand through an extremely productive and very repeatable release window.  By changing grips and releases, your instinctive throwing (re)action ends up challenging every opponent to make solid contact on every pitch. 

Forward Momentum Causes Pitching Struggles.  

Finishing your front leg lift with all your weight centered over your back-foot forces you to shift your weight from your back foot toward your targetYour weight shift triggers you to use your arms to stabilize your body.  

The instant your body stabilized itself, your arms are free to complete your delivery.  Sadly, by putting yourself in this position, your throwing arm completes your delivery as an independent action. Even with world-class eye-hand coordination, you risk for missing your target over the plate much more often than is good for your pitching career.  

What's in your future? 

Any self-proclaimed Pitching Coach can innocently allow forward momentum to block your pitching success. Only Pitching Coaches who understand how your body reacts to itself can force you to make a spontaneous throwing (re)action without asking you to make a throwing action.

Contact us to experience the guaranteed success associated with an instantaneous throwing (re)action.  

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