Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to change your motion without changing your motion.

Your worst outcomes come from your working release point being different from your most competitive release point.

Physically, the motions where you experience a difference between these two release points means you used your throwing arm for balance.

Visually, with a disconnect between these two release point, means you see your pitch finish way away from your intended.

The way your body works, there's only one spot that causes you to use your throwing arm for balance... your initial foot placements.

By changing your foot placements, we eliminate you using your throwing arm for balance as much as you do, make your working release come through your most competitive release point more often and do all of the above without changing your motion.

By adjusting your foot placements, we make your worst pitches finish closer to your target, reduce the times your working release misses your most competitive release and do all of the above without changing the motion that got you where you are today.

When you change your initial foot placements for the better, you become competitive at the next-level right now!!!

L.A. "Skip" Fast
Independent Major League Consultant
Pro Pitching Institute

Monday, February 20, 2017

Is your working release point the same as your most competitive release point?

Everyone has a release point where, when your hand passes through this point, you get the most competitive results.

If, on every pitch, you could get your hand to move through this space all the time, you won't need any coaching.

The fact is that no one supporting you journey to pitching greatness knows how to get your hand to consistently move through this space.

Your Coaches have tried and I don’t want you to forget what they told you, but I do want you to stop trying to do what they told you to do and let me show you how to do what they asked you.

When you work with me, I accept full full responsibility for your results. That means, when you miss your target by a lot, it’s my fault, not yours.

First, I’ll show you how to use very little effort to ­­place every pitch into your target area and then I’ll show you how to use late ball movement, a deceptive arm action and superior command to challenge every hitter to make solid contact with your pitch.

“So how about we get started?”

L.A. "Skip" Fast
Major League Pitching Consultant
Pro Pitching Institute