Sunday, November 26, 2017

Is your pitching bullpen plan productive?

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Pitching is like dominoes.

Routines mimic falling dominoes.  You begin with your first domino (an athletic position), you add a little energy (an action takes you out of your position) and all the dominoes fall (your body reacts).

Pitching practice.

With a well thought out practice routine, you walk away from each practice session knowing what position and movement produces better results than your present competitive level requires. Next, you take your practice routine into competition, see what you need to improve and use your next practice session to remove any competitive flaws.

A pitching misconception.

Most athletes waste their time thinking they can change the movements without addressing how they begin their movements. Such an approach organizes your practice sessions around a “feel”, not a process. “Feels” aren’t repeatable.  In competition, a “feel” isn’t something you do, it’s something you must rediscover.  

A routine is something you do, gives you a foundation to build upon and give you a platform to systematically improve your results.   

Develop a routine.

Develop a routine, you feel safe. become productive and come to expect the higher-level outcomes you see in practice. Your body operates at full capacity, you can relax while you excel and your motion tells everyone you’re ready to compete at a higher level than every other pitcher around you.

Skip Fast,
Director – National Coaching Network
Professional Pitching Institute

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pitchers, get yourself ready for MLB attention!

Your pitching motion blueprint. 

Once you set your feet, your in-built urge to stay in balance reads your foot placements to determine (1) your body position at the top of your front leg lift, then your spontaneous urge to stay in balance uses (2) your body position at the top of your front leg lift to control your throwing arm path.

Eye-hand coordinated vs. Lower body driven pitching results. 

When you involve your urge to stay in balance too early in your motion, you lose your lower body and eye-hand coordination produces your results. You tend to miss your target over the plate much more frequently than MLB Pitchers who use their lower body drives your results.

Pitches drifting over plate. 

#1 MLB Starters miss their target over the plate much less frequently than other Pitchers. Not coincidentally, these #1 MLB Starters use their lower body to drive their superior performances.

Pitching Solutions. 

We use Facetime, Facebook Messenger and Skype to see your real-time reactions and give you ways to adjust your foot placements to better engage your lower body and become MLB ready.
The Minor League Pitchers who have asked for help and received promotions used this simple format to elevate themselves to prospects status within their respective organizations.
Skip Fast,
Director – National Coaching Network
Professional Pitching Institute
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Monday, November 13, 2017

Who has the advantage… pitcher or hitter?

Pitcher have an advantage.

To have an advantage over the hitter, you use your lower body to place each pitch into your Catcher’s target. 
  • ·         No matter the grip or release, every pitch shows a fastball throwing arm speed, comes out of the same release window and goes into the Catcher’s target with extremely late ball movement
  • ·         Your Team bases their selection on movements and locations known to challenge the Hitter to make solid contact with your offerings and you produce.

Hitters control the Pitcher.

The hitter controls you when your easily managed starting position causes you to complete your front leg lift with your back shoulder off your target line.
  • ·         Your back-shoulder position forces you to hope your eye-hand coordination is enough to get you through each at bat.
  • ·         You try to throw pitches in specific locations, but, because you struggle to hit your spots, the most patient hitters merely wait to drive a pitch that misses over the plate.

Pitchers, want to be dominant? 

Ask us what simple adjustments to make that’ll instantly get you on the path to the dominance you’ve always dreamed of having.

Skip Fast,
Director – National Coaching Network
Professional Pitching Institute

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hey Pitching Coach ... "what's wrong with you?"

Expectations vs. Actual Accomplishments

You expect your Coach to teach you “greatness”, to get you to pass the eye test and to produce higher level performances than your present level demands.

Every Coach sees the potential for and talks to your future “greatness”, but there’s a huge difference between your Coach seeing and talking about your “greatness” and your actual results.

Reasons are based in fact, excuses aren’t.

There’s always a fact-based reason your results don’t match your potential.  Because untrained Coaches won’t know these reasons, these Coaches have one option… blame someone/something else for you not doing as well as expected and doom the high-level success you’ve always dreamed you’d achieve.

To experience “greatness”, work with a Coach who won’t make excuses, is knowledgeable enough to correct any unacceptable trends and hold themselves accountable for your performances.

Our Pitching Solution

We’re putting together a network of exceptional Coaches who want every Student, no matter their age or skill level, to overachieve and who, once trained, are willing to take full responsibility for their Pitcher’s lackluster results.

Should any of this describe you, get in touch with me. I’ll train you how to teach “greatness” and, in the process, to manage a successful, yet profitable, local Pro Pitching Institute Chapter.

Skip Fast,
Director – National Coaching Network
Professional Pitching Institute

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