Monday, January 1, 2018

How to make your dysfunctional pitching functional.

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Every second of every day, your subconscious obsesses over keeping/getting their body in a stable state… hips level and core upright. Your subconscious does this by manipulating your arms 50,000 times faster than your think.  Add these two items together and your subconscious turns your stability into an unstoppable, yet very natural, process. 

It’s all right to “accept” these necessary adjustments in everyday life, but, in pitching, the “acceptable” turns very “dysfunctional”.

“Dysfunctional”.  Nature dictates your subconscious controls your reactions. When you innocently “accept” you can consciously change your subconscious reactions, your subconscious stops your results from matching your expectations. To achieve your expectations, no matter how lofty, you must use your subconscious to make your motion more “functional”.

“Functional” is ...
  1. Finishing your front leg lift with your hips level and core upright.
  2. Your front leg lift not needing your arms to stabilize your body.
  3. Your front leg lift keeping your glove arm free to force a spontaneous throwing (re)action. 
  4. Your throwing arm reacting your lower body activity. 
  5. Your subconscious reactions seamlessly lowering the probability you miss your target over the plate.

An Alliance of Accountable Pitching Coaches member teaches “functional”.

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