Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Overlooking your foot placements spell pitching disaster.

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How your foot placements impact your pitching motion.

Based upon the way your body work, your foot placements determine whether you keep your glove arm free to trigger your lower body and your throwing arm available to instantaneously respond to your lower body activity. Without the right foot placements, it becomes a physical impossibility to engage your lower body while pitching.

Why you can’t ignore your foot placements?

Your foot placements the most overlooked, yet controllable position, in your pitching motion.
When, as your front foot comes off the ground, your foot placements cause your hips to tilt or rotate, you’re going to use your arms for balance. Using your arms for balance means you lose location, your ball is flat and your opponent controls you.

Lower body solutions.

During our “spot-coaching sessions”, we teach Pitchers to begin with their feet under their hips and a back-leg position known to give them a solid base of support. When we see the Pitcher takes his front foot off the ground, we know, at the top of their front leg lift, you’ll keep their hips level and their arms free to naturally encourage lower body engagement.

With lower body engagement comes sustainably excellent pitching results.

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