Tuesday, May 22, 2018

An Out-of-Control Throwing Arm Produces Very Predictable Results

To experience true pitching success, you need an out-of-control throwing action.

Poor Results = Early Loss of Arm Control

With a hip tilt at the top of your front leg lift, as you move down the mound, you use throwing arm to offset your stride.

When your front foot hits the ground, your stride tempo will determine your throwing arm path.  In the end, your throwing arm path determines your throwing hand position which determines your results.

Elite Results = Late Loss of Arm Control

When you end your front leg lift with your hips level, a couple of things happen. With your hips level, you don't need your arm for balance and, in the traditional sense, you won’t move down the mound.

What you do is use your glove arm to rotate your body around your core. Your core rotation moves your down the mound and, most importantly, to get your body back in balance, force you to make a throwing action.

A combination of letting your body take control of your throwing arm reacting to your lower body and the precision with which your body gets itself back in balance takes your throwing hand through the same predictable and highly productive release window.

Making your throwing arm a spontaneous reaction to your lower body only requires a couple of simple adjustments. Contact me to find out how it’s done.

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Pitch Location Expert
Professional Pitching Institute
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