Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Your Mind Doesn’t Care about Your Location.

When you build your pitching plan around your supercomputer’s natural programming, without thinking about it, you see your pitches travel directly into your target.

Your mind is a supercomputer programmed to keep your mid-line (the line from your nose to your bellybutton) at a right angle to the ground and, in extreme cases, keep you from falling over.

When your mind senses a movement, it instantaneously gets your mid-line back to vertical.

Therefore, unless your movements cater to a vertical mid-line, your supercomputer is going to control the way you see your body move.

Early Signs of Location Distress

Unless your initial foot placements consider your mid-line, when your front foot comes off the ground, your supercomputer tilts your mid-line.

To resolve this tilt, your supercomputer springs into action once both feet are on the ground.

Once your supercomputer senses your mid-line is back to vertical, you’re free to choose your next pitch arm slot.

To recap, the mid-line tilt created by your initial foot placements causes you to never know whether you’ll deliver the ball into your intended target.

Using Your Natural Programming for Location

By ending your front leg lift with an upright mid-line, you control your next mid-line tilt.

With the right choice, your supercomputer uses your throwing action to get your mid-line back to vertical.

Your supercomputer’s self-correcting capabilities forces your throwing hand to come through the same productive window on every pitch

Without consciously thinking about your location, you see your pitches travel directly into your target.

What's in your future?

You have a choice. Fight your supercomputer’s programming or use it to your advantage.

My “Winning Pitch Location Master Strategies©” are built to use your natural programming to deliver your pitches directly into your target.

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