Saturday, May 13, 2017

Elite pitchers focus on their motion, not their results.

When a pitcher’s results are unacceptable, they adjust their motion. Their motion’s efficiency, functionality and sustainability becomes only as good as their most acceptable last pitch result.
For any pitcher to distinguish themselves, they become more efficient than other pitchers, make their movements more functional than other pitchers and show greater sustainability than other pitchers. 
Pitchers who make efficiency, functionality and sustainability their goal are offered more next-level opportunities than pitchers who live and die by their last pitch result. 

Efficient – A pitcher’s organized and systematic movements waste no energy.
- Efficient pitchers use their front leg lift to produce lower body balance and their core rotation to trick your body into producing unbelievably exceptional results.

Functional – Rather than whether a pitcher’s motion looks right, the best pitchers design their motion to effectively use their core to produce their results.
- Pitchers with a core-driven approach magically produce next-level results and, because they realize they can’t produce better results than they do through their core-driven delivery, they stop trying to make their motion look the way someone else says their motion should look. 
Sustainable – The elite pitchers know how to maintain their results from one pitch to the next and from season to season.
- These pitchers use their efficient and functional core-driven responses to simply and systematically maintain their results.
I turn inefficient, dysfunctional and unsustainable arm-driven deliveries into an efficient, functional and sustainable core-driven motions.  Contact me to show the pitchers you know what I can do for them.

Skip Fast
Independent Major League Pitching Consultant
Pro Pitching Institute

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