Sunday, September 3, 2017

Velocity Doesn’t Define You

All too often your pitching is defined by your velocity and not where your pitch ends up.

Sadly, People make instant conclusions about you as a Pitcher based upon your velocity. 

Even worse, Pitchers with lesser velocity and pinpoint command come to feel inferior to Pitchers who throw harder, but don’t know where their next pitch is going to end up?

You’re led to believe velocity is the end-all-be-all, but, once a hard throwing pitcher moves to the next level, they’re just like everyone else… they throw hard, they don’t know where their next pitch is going to end up and they let their Opponent control them.

Your Coach never visits the mound to tell you “You’re not throwing hard enough”.  His visits are always about command.

Your command comes in one of two forms.
  1.     Spontaneous Command - Command is a spontaneous consequence of the lower body position you create as you move toward your target. Ironically, a natural by-product of a delivery with lower body involvement is enhanced velocity, much later ball movement and, no matter your grip or release, your Opponent seeing a fastball arm speed.
  2.     Forced Command - Command is aiming at a target and hoping the ball goes into that target as you move your throwing arm around your head as quickly as you can.

For those of you who dream of pitching at the highest levels, instead of letting velocity define you as a Pitcher, ask me to teach you how to command your next pitch while I maximize your throwing arm speed.

Skip Fast
Director – National Coaching Network

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