Sunday, September 24, 2017

You Have a “Go to” Position You May Not “Go To”?

You Have a “Go to” Position You May Not “Go To”?
You currently talk about “balance”, but, because your Body naturally drives itself in “balance”, merely talking about “balance” without managing your “balance” gives your Body no meaningful direction. Enter your “go to” position.
Your Body’s “go to” position… Your Body is in its “go to” position when your Shoulders/Hips are level and over each other and your Core is straight up and down. 
… and your body’s “go to” response. The instant you move out of your “go to” position, until you get back into your “go to” position, your Body stops listening to the way you want your Body to move! 
You can’t change your “go to” mechanism, but you can use your “go to” response to take you to the next level. You can spend hours trying to force your Body to generate more productive results, but, until you use your predictable “go to” responses to your advantage, the thought of getting your Body to move the way you want remains a work in progress.
Properly managing your “go to” response can make you dominant beyond your wildest dreams. By correctly managing your “go to” responses, with uncanny certainty, you can push your Body to produce a highly efficient, totally spontaneous and extremely repeatable throwing action.

Not accurately managing your “go to” mechanism…
- Keeps you from putting together good back-to-back-to-back outing.
- Causes you to spend hours fixing one thing only to realize you never fixed anything
- Forces your Team to overcome your disruptive “go to” responses.

If any of these career blockers describes you, contact me to discover how proven “go to” management instantly resolves your “go to” issues.

Skip Fast
Director – National Coaching Network
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