Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fear of Failure Creates Failure

Why Fear of Failure Creates Failure?

Science has a greater impact on your pitching than you realize.

The Science
Your Inner Ear
Your inner ear monitors your head alignment and, when not level, tells your body to use your arms to get your head back to level.
Sympathetic nervous system
Your sympathetic nervous system uses a “fight or flight” response to keep your body in balance.

How the Science Applies
Fear drives your actions
You fear of an unacceptable next pitch result becomes your lens to your world. Your battle for an acceptable next pitch moves you into "fight" mode.

You “fight” disconnects your sympathetic nervous system from the universal forces influencing the way your inner ear interprets your balance.  Your “fight” response doesn't care what you want to do, but your inner ear says to your body “we need to physically react."

Eliminate Fear
Every outing turns into a series of short-term emergencies.  Eventually, you start looking away from your “fight” response and begin looking toward “flight” response.  Your “flight” resolves the conflict between your “fight or flight” mechanism and the way your inner ear reads your movements.

Your “flight” takes you to a quiet place. During “flight”, you synchronize your movements to use natural forces to influence your inner ear to produce a totally spontaneous and very repeatable throwing action.

Guaranteed Success
By letting science drive your pitching plan, you’re guaranteed to seamlessly and effortlessly produce the high-level results you’ve been searching for all along.

Skip Fast,
Director – National Coaching Network
Professional Pitching Institute

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