Sunday, October 29, 2017

Stabilize your Baseball Pitching Performances

The Science behind your motion:

Your Base of Support. When standing on two feet, your base of support is the area between your two feet. However, with one foot on the ground, your base of support transfers from your feet to your knees.

Your Base of Support and Gravity.
When gravity pushes down within your base of support, your position is stable. When this line of gravity falls outside your base of support, your position is unstable. 
Your inner ear.
Anytime your line of gravity falls outside your base of support, your inner ear repositions your arms until you line of gravity moves within your base of support.

Applying Science to Pitching:
Front leg lift and command.
Sustainable pitching results comes from the stable base you create at the top of your front leg lift keeping your lower body activity free to delivery every pitch into your Catcher’s target.

Recognizing instability.
You finish your front leg lift with your front knee behind your back knee and your inner ear uses your arms for balance and, instead of your lower body producing your results, you hope your eye-to-hand coordination gets the ball near your target.

The solution.
We would spend time adjusting to your current foot placements and back leg orientation to make sure you end your front leg lift in a stable position.

Skip Fast,
Director – National Coaching Network
Professional Pitching Institute

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