Monday, February 5, 2018

Pitching: Why pitching success seems so elusive?

Pitching Stability. 

Nature dictates you use your arms to stabilize your body. When you look at this in another way, only after you stabilize your body can you move your arms the way you want.  

Rotational Force Creates Pitching Superiority. 

Finishing your front leg lift with your weight evenly centered between your base of support frees your arms to rotate your body around your core.  With your arms free, you use your arm action to create a very predictable glove side imbalance.  The instant you make this action, too get your body back of stable, you force yourself to subconsciously resolve your imbalance by making a spontaneous throwing (re)action.  

Your spontaneous throwing (re)action naturally brings your throwing hand through an extremely productive and very repeatable release window.  By changing grips and releases, your instinctive throwing (re)action ends up challenging every opponent to make solid contact on every pitch. 

Forward Momentum Causes Pitching Struggles.  

Finishing your front leg lift with all your weight centered over your back-foot forces you to shift your weight from your back foot toward your targetYour weight shift triggers you to use your arms to stabilize your body.  

The instant your body stabilized itself, your arms are free to complete your delivery.  Sadly, by putting yourself in this position, your throwing arm completes your delivery as an independent action. Even with world-class eye-hand coordination, you risk for missing your target over the plate much more often than is good for your pitching career.  

What's in your future? 

Any self-proclaimed Pitching Coach can innocently allow forward momentum to block your pitching success. Only Pitching Coaches who understand how your body reacts to itself can force you to make a spontaneous throwing (re)action without asking you to make a throwing action.

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