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How to locate every pitch all the time.

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Scientific pitching fact

Your body is driven to keep you stable!

Instability compromises pitch location.

When your movements create an instability into the top of your front leg lift, you’re going to lose your location and here’s why?

1. To move into your foot plant, some movement creates a forward weight shift.
2. Your forward weight shift prompts your body to use your throwing arm to get your body back to stable.
3. Until your front foot gets back on the ground and your core moves to the center, your body continues to involve your throwing arm with your stability.
4. Once your body comes back to stable, you free your throwing arm to complete your delivery.
5. You’ve effectively allowed your throwing action to become in independent action.

About an independent throwing action…

1. Since your throwing arm is no longer involved with your stability, you maintain complete control over your arm slot, but, at the same time, your body wants to take your throwing hand through your natural arm slot.
2. You see your last pitch result and then use your last pitch results to influence your next pitch arm slot.
3. Since your release window is driven by 2 factors (where your body needs your throwing arm path and the throwing path you want your throwing arm to take), you lose the ability to locate your pitches, you Team needs to overcome your lack of location and, at the highest levels, your Coaches can’t count on you to follow the scouting reports.

Stability creates pitch location.

Location comes from making your throwing action an involuntary reflex to a deliberately coached foot plant body position.

1. You do this by completing your front leg lift in a stable position. 
2. Your stable front leg lift position frees your arms to bring you into an intentionally unstable foot plant body position.
3. By relying on your body’s need to get your body back to stable, your unstable foot plant forces you to make a completely spontaneous and totally productive throwing (re)action.

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