Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Expect better pitching results!

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Expect better pitching results!

How often do your pitches do what you expect?

Every pitch you’ve ever thrown has an impact your next pitch result. Seeing your next pitch to travel directly into your Catcher’s mitt while displaying the movement you expect tells you your long hours of preparation were worth it.

You always execute your next pitch to the best of your ability, but you still see far too many of your pitches not end up where you want. You don’t intentionally try to miss your target, but, for some unknown reason, you continually experience these unacceptable outcomes.

Your unintentional misses indicate an issue with your preparation and, unless you make changes to the way you prepare for each pitch, hope (which isn't a recommended success strategy) becomes the foundation for your improvement plan!

Better preparation produces better pitch results.

Proper preparation automatically gets your pitches to end up where you want and behave the way you want.

Hyper productive preparation uses your body the ways it’s built to work. You use known action/reaction patterns to tell you how to permanently make your troublesome results more productive.

Ineffective preparation treats your body’s instinctive responses as if they were controllable actions. Your unplanned outcomes disappear when you consciously stop trying to change your body's involuntary reflexes.

Want to find out what better preparation looks like?
Want to discover the actions that’ll improve your results?

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