Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Is misinformation blocking your progress?

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Where does elite pitching command come from?

Your elite command comes from you clearing your glove side before your complete your stride. The simple act of opening your front shoulder before your front foot hits the ground gets your lower body to pull your throwing hand through a very consist and easily repeated release window.

Stop listening to the majority of what’s said about your pitching motion.
Standing in the way of your elite command are your subconscious impulses the baseball community floats out there. You keep listen to what everyone says you should be doing and you won’t be able to get as few as 2 consecutive pitches to travel into your catcher’s target.

Start listening to your body.

These are some examples of what the baseball community says you need to do to be elite?

Keeping your front shoulder closed – When you keep your front shoulder closed into your foot plant, your throwing arm works by itself. With an independent throwing action, you never know where your next pitch is going to end up.
Striding – When you try to control your stride, you use your throwing arm to offset your forward weight shift. With your throwing arm involved with your balance, you physically take your lower body out of your motion.
Lead with your hips – Your body rotates only when your core is vertical. When you think to lead with your hips, your core is going to tilt. Your core won’t get back to an upright position until your complete your stride.  By that point, you’ve effectively lost your lower body.
Arm slots –When, to remain competitive, you must change your throwing arm path, you’re going to impact your stride. Anytime your stride is less than natural, you lose your lower body. As stated many times already, you lose your lower body and you never really know where your next pitch is going to end up.

Pitching help is on the way.

By getting your front shoulder to turn all these elements a spontaneous reaction, we draw out the elite Pitcher hiding inside of you. Call “Skip” today to talk about what we can do for you.

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