Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Turn your pitching results into a valuable reaction!

Your weight distribution at the end of your front leg lift determines whether your pitch ends up in your Catcher’s target or drifts over the plate and into your opponent’s hitting zone.

Where your command struggles come from.

Throwing with both feet on the ground discounts your command.
- When you land your foot plant and then make a throwing action, you twist your back.
> Your back’s twisting action carries down your spine and into your hips.
> At the same time your throwing arm comes into release, your body is matching your throwing arm path to your foot plant position.
> It’s these slight changes to your throwing arm path that, no matter how good your intentions, causes you to miss your target.
To improve your command, you need a reliable process that’ll produce the same foot plant position on every pitch.

Developing elite command.

You can generate much better command by clearing your front shoulder with one foot still off the ground. By clearing your front shoulder, your body lands your stride in the same position on every pitch.
+  To keep your from falling on your nose, your twisting action out of your front leg lift forces you to stride.
> Your stride creates the torque that travels up your core and out your throwing hand.
> By turning your throwing action into a reaction, you force your throwing hand to come through the same productive release window on every pitch.
This simple approach turns your throwing arm into an instrument you use to keep your Team close enough to win.

Sounds easy enough, but it’s not.

Clearing your front shoulder only works when you end your front leg lift with your weight centered between your knees. Since most Pitchers end their front leg lift with their weight over their back foot, turning your throwing arm into a productive tool isn’t as easy as it sounds.
If you don’t know the 4 simple actions that’ll end your front leg lift in a dynamically balanced positioncontact us for help. You’ll be glad you did!!!

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