Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pro Pitching Institute Blog - How your stride can control more hitters more often.

How your body works?

To make sure we’re on the same page, these are your body’s physiological realities.
  1. Your body uses your throwing arm to offset your stride.
  2. Your body keeps your weight centered between your knees.
  3. “You” make an action and “your body” reacts to the action. Before “you” can make your next action, “your body” must finish reacting to the action "you" made.

Unsustainable stride results.

Your motion: When you begin your motion with your weight over your back foot, to move toward your target, you’re forced to stride. Once you actively stride, your body uses your throwing arm to offset the forward weight shift your stride creates. When this happens, you lose complete control of your throwing arm path. Once your body senses your weight is back to center, your body lets you complete your delivery.

Your command: When you begin your motion with your weight over your back foot, your command comes out of your stride tempo. The same stride tempo on each pitch produces the same throwing arm path. The same throwing arm path places your ball in relatively the same spot on every pitch.

We use the word relatively because your stride tempo is based upon a “feeling” that changes from outing to outing and even from pitch to pitch. Your command depends upon a less-than-repeatable “feeling”?

Sustainably excellent stride results.

Your motion: When your front leg lift centers your weight just in front of your back foot, instead of moving down the mound, you can rotate down the mound. By rotating down the mound, your body uses your stride to keep you from hurting yourself and, at the same time, creates the torque that’ll drive your throwing arm path.

Your command: Your command comes from your body using your throwing arm to release the energy you generate as you complete your stride. Your body’s predictable movement patterns insure your throwing hand moves through the same tiny release window on every pitch.

The sustainable release window your stride creates lets you become one of the rare Pitchers able to execute your Team’s pitching plan and one of the few Pitchers your Team counts on to keep them close enough to win.

Every “what” deserves a “how”.

To discover “how” to turn your stride into a reaction, produce sustainably excellent command, maximize your throwing arm speed and make you a critical part of your Team’s future, visit the Pro Pitching Institute.

There are no excuses, only reasons.

When you apply the simply executed skills the Pro Pitching Institute presents and still feel your stride is hurting your results, contact“Skip” to schedule a FREE 20-minute, Face-Time pitching consultation.

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