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How your pitching sequence works.

When you do your normal delivery in slow-motion, one of two things happen. Either …
  1. You can’t help but end your movements with a spontaneous throwing (re)action or
  2. Your movements completely stop when your front foot strikes the ground and, to complete your delivery, you must think about making a throwing action.

You Control Your Opponent

Out of the billions of movement combinations within your pitching motion, only one movement sequence gives you control over your opponent. In this sequence, not coincidentally, your slow-motion delivery makes your throwing action a fundamental part of your movements.

Within this sequence …
  • Your foot placements begin with your feet under your hips.
  • Next, your legs center your weight in front of your back foot.
  • Followed by your front leg lift ending with your front knee in line with your front shoulder.
  • Finally, your glove hand takes you into your throwing action.

Any variation to this sequence changes your entire movement combination and, when your front foot hits the ground, risks your slow-motion delivery coming to a complete stop?

Your Opponent Controls You

There are billions (minus one) movement possibilities that cause your slow-motion delivery to stop when your front foot touches the ground.
You have no chance to deliver 3 consecutive pitches directly into your Catcher’s target once you ...
  • Begin your delivery with your feet anywhere but under your hips.
  • Start your movement sequence with your back knee over or in front of your back foot.
  • End your front leg lift with your front knee behind your front hip.
  • Come out of your front leg lift with your front leg or throwing hand moving before your glove hand.

The cost for continuing what you’re doing is a shortened pitching career. The reward for looking at your delivery in a unique way becomes the possibility you realize your wildest pitching dreams.

Fast track your improvement.

Trial-and-error turns your sustainability into a hit-or-miss proposition. In fact, by taking the trial-and-error route, your pitching career could be over before you understand how to be successful. To fast track your journey to spontaneous success, visit the Pro Pitching Institute.

No excuses, only reasons.

There’s no excuse for you not knowing the one movement pattern that’ll end your slow-motion delivery with a throwing action. Your first step to removing this tragic flaw is to pick up your cell phone, call “Skip” at 856-281-2596 and schedule your FREE 20-minute, Pro Pitching Institute Pitching Session.
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