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A simple solution to better fastball command.

A simple solution to better fastball command.

Whether you’re a Little League Pitcher, a Professional Pitcher or any level in-between, between this blog and the movements presented on the Pro Pitching Institute web site, you’ll be a step closer to knowing how to use your fastball arm speed to deliver more pitches directly into your target.

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Improve your performance.

You take the ball, get your sign, expect your pitch to go where you want, but, more often than not, you miss your location and, to properly catch each pitch, you force your Catcher to move his glove?

Then, every once in a while, when you see your Catcher's mitt drift over the plate, you quietly pray the hitter doesn't do too much damage?

Stick around and you’re going to discover the 2 reasons this happens and the one solution that’ll give you complete control over where your ball ends up.

How do you use your throwing arm?

Here’s your bottom-line … the longer you use your throwing arm for balance, the less likely you are to see your ball end up where you want.

You can tell when you're going to use your throwing arm for balance and can't predict with any certainty where your next pitch will end up when, before your front foot even comes off the ground, 

#1 … you begin with your back knee over your back foot
#2 … you begin with your back knee ahead of your back foot.

It's that simple and, even better news, the solution is just as simple.

Use your lower body to throw.

You keep your throwing arm free to respond to your lower body and will see a large ratio of pitches end up where you want when you begin with your back knee in front of and to the second base side of your back foot.

This blog and the Pro Pitching Institute web site combine to tell you how to permanently begin each motion with your back knee to the second base side of your back foot.

More importantly, by fixing your initial back-knee position, you’ll experience the dominant fastball command needed to attract next-level attention. 

Here’s the good news about improving your fastball command.

The Pro Pitching Institute prioritizes the important aspects of your motion while ignoring the less relevant things.  In the end, by following the process outlined at the Pro Pitching Institute, you motion looks like the one you originally visualized, but, instead of using strikes or stats to measure your results, you use your ability to deliver every fastball directly into your Catcher’s target.

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