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With Inside/Out Coaching, you stop trying and start doing everything you dreamed you’d do.

Does your Coach manage the way your think to move or does he manage your movements?

Inside/Out Coaching solves issues.

When examined closely, Inside/Out Coaching teaches a mental process.

Inside/Out Coaches …
  • Use the way your body processes gravity to produce remarkably effective, very repeatable and extremely productive results.
  • Address the way your movements respond to gravity.
  • Are proactive.
  • Manage the way your positions and movements interact with gravity to produce the outcomes you need to succeed.
  • Teaches you to expect every pitch to travel  directly into your Catcher’s target.
  • Drive results and, as such, make you feel like you’re using less effort to produce markedly better results.
  • Hold themselves accountable for your results.

With Inside/Out Coaching, you stop trying and start doing everything you dreamed you’d do.

Outside/In Coaching chases issues.

Until examined more closely, Outside/In Coaching teaches a physical process.

Outside/In Coaches …
  • Dismiss how gravity influences your results.
  • Are driven to change what they see by asking you to change what he saw.
  • Are reactive.
  • Promote trial-and error learning.
  • Try to change your positions and motions without considering gravity’s impact on your movements.
  • Rely on your next pitch arm slot fixing your last pitch arm slot.
  • Force you to hope your next pitch behaves and goes where you expect.
  • Hold you accountable for figuring out how to do what’s asked of them.

With Outside/in Coaching, you feel like you’re always wondering where your next pitch is going to end up.

Here’s the good news.

The Pro Pitching Institute coaches you from the Inside/Out. No matter where you live, we skillfully use on-line communication tools to make you a better pitcher than you ever dreamed possible.

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Skip Fast
Freelance Pitching Coach
E-Mail: skip@propitchinginstitute.com
Cell or Text: 856-281-2596

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