Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hey Pitching Coach ... "what's wrong with you?"

Expectations vs. Actual Accomplishments

You expect your Coach to teach you “greatness”, to get you to pass the eye test and to produce higher level performances than your present level demands.

Every Coach sees the potential for and talks to your future “greatness”, but there’s a huge difference between your Coach seeing and talking about your “greatness” and your actual results.

Reasons are based in fact, excuses aren’t.

There’s always a fact-based reason your results don’t match your potential.  Because untrained Coaches won’t know these reasons, these Coaches have one option… blame someone/something else for you not doing as well as expected and doom the high-level success you’ve always dreamed you’d achieve.

To experience “greatness”, work with a Coach who won’t make excuses, is knowledgeable enough to correct any unacceptable trends and hold themselves accountable for your performances.

Our Pitching Solution

We’re putting together a network of exceptional Coaches who want every Student, no matter their age or skill level, to overachieve and who, once trained, are willing to take full responsibility for their Pitcher’s lackluster results.

Should any of this describe you, get in touch with me. I’ll train you how to teach “greatness” and, in the process, to manage a successful, yet profitable, local Pro Pitching Institute Chapter.

Skip Fast,
Director – National Coaching Network
Professional Pitching Institute

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