Monday, November 13, 2017

Who has the advantage… pitcher or hitter?

Pitcher have an advantage.

To have an advantage over the hitter, you use your lower body to place each pitch into your Catcher’s target. 
  • ·         No matter the grip or release, every pitch shows a fastball throwing arm speed, comes out of the same release window and goes into the Catcher’s target with extremely late ball movement
  • ·         Your Team bases their selection on movements and locations known to challenge the Hitter to make solid contact with your offerings and you produce.

Hitters control the Pitcher.

The hitter controls you when your easily managed starting position causes you to complete your front leg lift with your back shoulder off your target line.
  • ·         Your back-shoulder position forces you to hope your eye-hand coordination is enough to get you through each at bat.
  • ·         You try to throw pitches in specific locations, but, because you struggle to hit your spots, the most patient hitters merely wait to drive a pitch that misses over the plate.

Pitchers, want to be dominant? 

Ask us what simple adjustments to make that’ll instantly get you on the path to the dominance you’ve always dreamed of having.

Skip Fast,
Director – National Coaching Network
Professional Pitching Institute

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