Sunday, November 26, 2017

Is your pitching bullpen plan productive?

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Pitching is like dominoes.

Routines mimic falling dominoes.  You begin with your first domino (an athletic position), you add a little energy (an action takes you out of your position) and all the dominoes fall (your body reacts).

Pitching practice.

With a well thought out practice routine, you walk away from each practice session knowing what position and movement produces better results than your present competitive level requires. Next, you take your practice routine into competition, see what you need to improve and use your next practice session to remove any competitive flaws.

A pitching misconception.

Most athletes waste their time thinking they can change the movements without addressing how they begin their movements. Such an approach organizes your practice sessions around a “feel”, not a process. “Feels” aren’t repeatable.  In competition, a “feel” isn’t something you do, it’s something you must rediscover.  

A routine is something you do, gives you a foundation to build upon and give you a platform to systematically improve your results.   

Develop a routine.

Develop a routine, you feel safe. become productive and come to expect the higher-level outcomes you see in practice. Your body operates at full capacity, you can relax while you excel and your motion tells everyone you’re ready to compete at a higher level than every other pitcher around you.

Skip Fast,
Director – National Coaching Network
Professional Pitching Institute

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