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Stress-Free Command. Simple pitching rules and simple pitching solutions naturally combine to produce extraordinary pitching results.

The way your body works.
  • Your body functions under the same set of rules as everyone else.
  • Everyone’s body is hardwired with the same action/reaction patterns.

Impersonating a Pitcher.

When a Pitcher or Coach doesn’t know the rules, they use their experience, beliefs and acquired knowledge to explain what they see.

Sadly, every time you go against the rules you get penalized.
  • Instead of managing every at-bat, your opponent ends up controlling you.
  • When you battle these rules, your results continually reflect your struggles.
  • Without asking for your input, your lack of results gives influential people the right to make your unwanted and life-altering decisions.
  • Finally, your motion creates the small throwing arm ligaments tears and fraying that’ll potentially take you out of competitive baseball.

Becoming a Pitcher.

When your motion functions within the rules, you’re certain to create high-level dominance.
  • You know what is needed to hit your spots.
  • Rarely do you experience 2 unacceptable results in a row.
  • No matter your grip or release, you challenge your opponent with a fastball arm speed.
  • No matter the pitch, your ball breaks so close to the plate that the hitter battles to make solid contact.
  • Your motion self-corrects.
  • By using your body the way it’s meant to work, your throwing arm becomes extremely injury resistant.
  • Influential decision makers fight for your services.

Simple rules and simple solutions naturally combine to produce extraordinary results.

Signs you may not know the rules?

When you think in these terms, you’re fooling yourself and, unfortunately, limiting your pitching success.
  • You obsess over the way your motion looks.
  • When you know the rules, you know how to instantly make anything within your delivery more efficient.
  • You use other MLB motions to justify the way you move.
  • Pitching isn’t about using someone else’s delivery to justify the way you move. Elite pitching success comes from the way your body reacts to itself.
  • You try to copy someone’s MLB motion.
  • When you know the rules, you understand why it’s not only a waste of time, but also virtually impossible to copy someone else’s motion. 
  • You try to change your movements as you move down the mound.
  • The rules revolve around an unstoppable chain reaction. In order to change anything you see within your pitching chain; the rules dictate you address your starting position.

When you think in any one of these terms, you need us. To have us get your pitching back on track, visit the Pro Pitching Institute.

No excuses, only reasons.

There’s no excuse for you not knowing how to use the rules to supercharge your pitching. Your first step to removing this tragic flaw is to pick up your cell phone, call “Skip” at 856-281-2596 and schedule your FREE 20-minute, Pro Pitching Institute Pitching Session.

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