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Pro Pitching Institute Blog - Simplifying Command.

When you send your brain the right messages, nothing is misinterpreted and, consequently, your throwing arm generates a very consistent and totally sustainable result.

The way your body works.

  • Your brain listens to your movements.
  • While you move, to make sure your body stays upright and balanced, your brain constantly sends instructions back to your body.
  • At the same time, your brain orchestrates micro-adjustments that’ll smoothly transition you from one movement to the next.
  • When you combine every adjustment your brain makes, the likelihood you fall over is minimal.

“Whisper Down the Lane”

In case you’re not familiar with “Whisper Down the Lane”, the object is to whisper a secret message among a group of people and have the last person speak the original phrase. 

In pitching, like in “Whisper Down the Lane”, your movements send a message to your brain, your brain interprets how your movement impacts your balance and fires a new command.

When your new directive differs from the intended message, your body fails to produce the results you expect.When you send your brain the right messages, nothing is misinterpreted and, consequently, your throwing arm generates a very consistent and totally sustainable result.

Distorted messages.

When playing “Whisper Down the Lane”, too many people in your “lane” limit the possibility the last person repeats the original message.

Too Many Pitching Whispers.

  1. One whisper - When something as controllable as your foot placements tell your brain to end your front leg lift with your weight centered over your back foot, as you move down the mound, your brain fights to keep your body in balance.
  2. Endless messages – Because you move down the mound (see any of the last 10 posts for an explanation), you see your ball often miss your target, decide what you need to do to make your next pitch more competitive and, instead of changing your foot placements, you adjust a random movement within your motion. 

Sadly, when you let this happen, you’ll spend your entire pitching career trying to get the message right.

Simplified messages.

When you limit the number of people in your “lane”, you increase the chance your secret message makes it to the last person. To take this a step further, when you make your original message so simple that people couldn’t misinterpret it, the chance your original message makes it to the end increases exponentially.

Two Pitching Whispers.

  1. One whisper - Your foot placements and front leg lift whisper to your brain to complete your front leg lift in a dynamically balanced position.
  2. Second, and final, whisper – One movement rotates your body out of your starting position.

    As you move out of your starting position, to keep you from falling over, complete your stride. Your front foot hitting the ground stops your rotation which, you get your body back in balance, forces your brain to bring your throwing arm forward and across your body.

Your throwing (re)action becomes a spontaneously productive and very repeatable outcome.

Every “what” deserves a “how”.

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No excuses, only reasons.

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