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Pro Pitching Institute Blog - Gravitate toward command.

Gravity is the elephant in the room.

Baseball treats gravity as something that applies to everything except pitching, when, in fact, it’s gravity that rules your pitching motion.
The way your body works.
  • Your body is driven to equalize gravity.
  • Since you’re born with the ability equalize gravity, reacting to the impact gravity has on your body is something that happens, not something you do.
  • Movement occurs only when your body needs to equalize a shift in gravity.
  • You get the best results when you trust the way your body reacts to gravity.
  • Interfering with the way your body works diminishes your results.

Does your set-up work against Gravity?

Your body position into your front leg lift either forces gravity to take over or neutralizes gravity’s impact on your body.
  • Ordinary - When you begin with your feet outside your hips, your front leg lift works against gravity which, to equalize gravity’s impact on your body, forces you to end your front leg lift with your weight over your back foot.
  • Elite – At no point during your front leg lift does your body work against gravity.

How gravity influences your body determines your command!

As soon as your body senses a gravitational pull, your body automatically goes into equalization mode.
  • Ordinary command – By beginning your motion with your weight over your back foot, only a weight shift moves you toward your target. As soon as a weight shift moves you down the mound, your body goes into equalization mode. Once your body equalizes gravity, your body stops moving.  Without a movement to react to, your throwing action becomes in independent event and, as such, you never really know where your next pitch will end up.
  • Elite command – Rotation down the mound creates two well-planned-out reactions. As you move toward your target, your stride neutralizes gravity’s impact on your body. Your front foot hitting the ground stops your body’s rotation. Consequently, by plan, you land your foot plant with your weight to your glove hand side. At this point, the only way to equalize the gravitational force on your body becomes a spontaneous throwing (re)action.

With elite command, your throwing reaction takes your throwing hand through a very natural and consistently productive release window.

Every “what” deserves a “how”.

To discover the movements that’ll generate elite command, visit the Home Page of the Pro Pitching Institute.

No excuses, only reasons.

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