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Pro Pitching Institute Blog - Your front leg lift predicts command.

The way your body works.

  • You have complete control over where you place your feet.
  • When you lift your front foot off the ground, your body interprets your new state of balance.
  • As a result, your body either places your weight over or in front of your back foot.

Dynamic command.

Dynamic command comes from your front leg lift centering your weight just in front of your back foot.
  • When you make this happen, as you move down the mound, your hips and shoulders rotate around your head.
  • Your rotation causes you to begin your stride with your back hip to the home plate side of your back shoulder.
  • Your body gets itself back in balance by forcing your back shoulder to catch up with your front hip.
  • With your back hip-to-shoulder relationship forcing your throwing arm to whip forward, you spontaneously generate command, maximize your throwing arm speed and create extremely late ball movement.
  • As an instantaneous reaction, you come to expect your ball to travel into your intended target with the ball movement you expect.

Through the simple act of repeating the same foot placements, your dominance becomes incredibly sustainable.

Static command.

Static command comes from your front leg lift placing all your weight over your back foot.
  • When you let this happen, as you move down the mound, your body moves straight down the mound without any hip or shoulder movement.
  • You end your stride with your front shoulder closed to your target and your body already in balance.
  • Without your body having any imbalance to react to, your throwing action becomes something you do, not something that happens.
  • As a separate action, you never really know where your ball will end up, your ball takes a more predictable path into your target and your arm slots/speeds tip your off-speed pitches.

A simple change in foot placements will turn your static command into dynamic dominance.

Every “what” deserves a “how”.

To discover the movements that’ll generate dynamic command, visit the Home Page of the Pro Pitching Institute.

No excuses, only reasons.

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