Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Are you allowing yourself to be great?

It takes a short time to learn how to spin into your foot plant. Once mastered, it takes another couple of weeks for you to develop the confidence that your ball will end where you want.

There’s only one hurdle to overcome before your pitching becomes more effective than you ever dreamed possible!

How did you get where you are today?

To begin, let’s juggle different degrees of how you think with various levels of competency.

Stage 1: Unconscious incompetence - When you first get involved with pitching, it all seems so simple. Just get your throwing hand to come through the same spot on every pitch and you excel.
Your formula for success is simple. You see what others do, and you copy it. It’s at this point that reality sets in. You really don’t understand as much as you think you do and, worst yet, you don’t understand why it’s not working???

Stage 2: Conscious incompetence – Once you realize there are things you don’t know; you try to figure out the difference between the pitches that do what you want and the ones that don’t.
You listen, watch and learn. To improve your results, you keep trying things, keep the things that seem to work and throw out the things that don’t.

Stage 3: Conscious competence – Over the years you develop muscle memory and a “feel” for challenging the hitters you face. At this stage you think you’re in control, but to use a car analogy, you spend more time looking into the rearview and side mirrors than looking through the windshield. 

Spend more time looking through the windshield and your wildest pitching dreams will become your reality.

Elite Pitchers pitch on a different level: Unconscious Competence

To understand “unconscious competence”, picture a spinning top.
  • You know where the outer edge of the top will be on any given revolution.
  • However, when the rate of spin slows down and the top begins to wobble, it becomes very difficult to predict with any certainty where the outer edge will be during any one rotation?

Every pitching motion is a single top spin.
  • When you know what it takes to spin your body into your foot plant, just like the top, your movements force your throwing hand to move through the same release window on every pitch and, consequently, your ball travels into your target.  Your movements into your foot plant means, without thinking about it, the baseball goes where you want with the movement you expect.
  • When you wobble into your foot plant, you can’t know with any certainty where your release window will be nor where the baseball will end up. Let his happen and you remain at your current level of competence.

When you’re “unconsciously competent”, you no longer stress over where your ball will end up and achieve the pitching success others only hope to find!

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches unconscious competence!!!

It takes a short time for the progression featured on the ProPitchingInstitute.com web site to teach you to spin into your foot plant. Once mastered, it takes another couple of weeks for you to develop the confidence that your ball will end where you want.

If, after a couple of weeks, you still don’t believe your ball will travel directly into your target, I'll do two things.
  • First, I’ll waive the monthly $15 fee an outsider pays for my professional guidance and,
  • Second, I’ll use what you send me to personalize a program that’ll fix the roadblocks standing in your way.

Know another Pitcher struggling to achieve their pitching dreams, make sure to tell them about the  ProPitchingInstitute.com.

Skip Fast
Freelance Professional Pitching Coach
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