Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Maximizing your strike-to-ball ratio is a double-edged sword.

When you begin trusting your first few pitches after an adjustment, you stop wasting your time and quickly find yourself throwing more strikes than ever.

You have a goal and your body also has a goal. 
  • Your goal is to throw strikes at will. 
  • Your body’s mission is to keep your “center line” (the imaginary line running from your nose to your belly button) upright. 
Until your body’s mission satisfies your pitching needs, you’ll struggle to maximize your ball-to-strike ratio. 

What connects these two goals? 
The connective tissue between the two are the undeniable physical, psychological and physiological rules of nature. 

Physical  These are the forces impacting your body. 
  1. Gravity determines your center line angles. 
  2. When you twist around your center line and your foot plant stops your rotation, the torque you create whips your throwing arm into release. 
Physiological – Your body’s normal functions. 
  1. Your mind is driven to keep your center line upright and balanced between your feet. 
  2. When you pivot around your center line, your mind instantly and quickly works to reposition your shoulders over your hips. 
Psychological – Your mind responds to your physical state. 
  1. Your mind works 50,000 times faster than you can think. 
  2. While your brain works to balance your body, you lose control of your movements. 
How do you use these factors to maximize your ball-to-strike ratio? 
When you make the right adjustment and your new movement is in synch with the rules of nature, your center line tilts less. 

This means ...  
  • When an adjustment is the right adjustment, over your next 3 pitches, your reduced center line tilt means less effort and more strikes. 
  • When an adjustment isn’t right, your unacceptable results remain unacceptable and serve notice that this adjustment isn’t going to improve your ball-to-strike ratio? 
When you begin trusting your first few pitches after an adjustment, you stop wasting your time and quickly find yourself throwing more strikes than ever. 

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