Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Win the pitching game within the game

When you know the rules and have the winning strategy, you win all the time!!!

No matter the game, unless you know the rules, you’re not going to win.

Pitching is no different. When you “try” or “hope” to win at pitching, you don’t know the rules, won’t locate the ball and, very quickly, can’t find roster spots.

What are the rules?
When you know the rules and have the winning strategy, you win all the time!!!

The rules for maximizing your velocity/throwing arm speed
The physical laws of nature dictate you maximize your throwing arm speed by getting your lower body to whip your throwing arm into release.

The rules for improving location
The only way to improve your location is to focus on and understand gravity’s impact on your positions and movements. By doing this, gravity won’t need your throwing arm for balance and, consequently, your lower body can whip your throwing hand through the same release window on every pitch.

The rules to making effective adjustments
Changes within your front leg lift are the only changes you should make. The signals your front leg lift sends to your brain determines your throwing arm path. When you fail to manage your front leg lift, you can only “try” and “hope” to do better?

How do you know you’re winning?

You’re winning when, with each adjustment, you ……
  • Improve your throwing arm speed while you see your worst misses consistently finish closer to your target.
  • End your front leg lift with your weight pounding down on a spot just in front of your back foot.
  • Instantly enhance your strike-to-ball ratio.

Bottom-line, you’re winning when you try less and succeed more!

 Stop trying and start doing

Change your current mindset and you’re guaranteed to attract next-level attention right now!

Stop trying to maximize your velocity. Instead, use gravity to your advantage, keep your arms uninvolved with your balance and, as you come out of your starting position, make sure to engage your lower body.

Stop using your last pitch result to drive your next-pitch arm slot. Instead, develop a process where, without aiming, you know your pitches have a greater chance to travel directly into your intended target.

Stop trying to change your actions as you move down the mound. Instead, manage your results through your positions/movements into your front leg lift.

Stop searching for a way to win the pitching game!

The progression featured on the ProPitchingInstitute.com web site obeys the rules of the pitching game, shortens your learning curve and, without hurting what you do so well, instantly improves your pitch location.

If, after you use this progression for a couple of weeks, you don’t find yourself throwing more strikes, I'll do two things.
  • First, I’ll waive the monthly $15 fee an outsider pays for my professional guidance and,
  • Second, I’ll use what you send me to personalize a program that’ll fix the roadblocks standing in the way of you throwing more strikes.

Know another Pitcher struggling to achieve their pitching dreams, make sure to tell them about the  ProPitchingInstitute.com.

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