Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Your next 10,000 motions determine your future

You force your mind to process a specific posture/movement combination into your leg lift and the chances you bring your throwing hand through the same release window on every pitch dramatically increase.

Everything in pitching is black and white

Your mind constantly monitors your posture and movement patterns. Your mind makes sure you respond to a specific posture and movement pattern in a very specific and very predictable way.

This predictability lets you use your positions and movement patterns to turn your throwing action into a highly efficient and very sustainable response.

How to develop sustainable location?

You force your mind to process a specific posture/movement combination that’s proven to bring your throwing hand through the same release window every time you throw a pitch.

You rehearse these same postures and movement patterns 10,000 times and you’ll come to expect every pitch to travel directly into your target.

Your process becomes such a habit that you become THE Pitcher who, every time you take the mound, keeps their Team close enough to win.

How do you recognize this ONE process?

When you find your ONE process, your ball travels directly into your intended target without the receiver’s glove moving.  Again, it’s black and white. Either your pitches go where you want or they don’t!

You’ve found your ONE process when, on one pitch, you miss your target by an unacceptable distance and throw the next pitch directly into your target over 75% of the time.

Anything less than achieving these measurements will compromise your next pitch location and will shorten your pitching future.

How do you find the ONE process that works for you?

You find the ONE process to practice 10,000 times by systematically eliminating your worst misses.

Anytime you miss your target by an unacceptable distance, you find the position/movement pattern breakdown and fix it.

When a Pitcher asks a knowledgeable source for help, finding the ONE process happens very quickly.

When a Pitcher associates themselves with someone unfamiliar with the way the body works, finding the ONE process becomes a long and frustrating pursuit.

How are you going to use your next 10,000 pitches?

The progression featured on the ProPitchingInstitute.com web site gets you very close to the ONE process you want to practice 10,000 times, shrinks your release window and teaches you how to follow any poor outcome with a pitch that travels directly into your target.

If, after you use this progression for a couple of weeks, you don’t find yourself throwing more strikes, I'll do two things.

·     First, I’ll waive the monthly $15 fee an outsider pays for my professional guidance and,
·         Second, I’ll use what you send me to personalize a program that’ll fix the roadblocks standing in the way of you throwing more strikes.

Know another Pitcher struggling to achieve their pitching dreams, make sure to tell them about the  ProPitchingInstitute.com.

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