Sunday, July 19, 2015

Keep it simple.

“Keeping it Simple” means you have a singular focus on your footwork.

Your footwork determines whether you control your movements or your movements control you.

Your footwork allows you to get your throwing arm to make one spontaneous, location-producing, velocity-enhancing, late-ball-movement reaction.

Without a focus on your footwork , instead of your improvement being execution drive, your improvement relies upon your ability to use your last pitch results to determine your next pitch arm slot. 
  • Your footwork is the only way to offset your natural urge to use your throwing arm for balance. 
  • based upon the time we spent figuring out how to optimize your footwork, when you try to manage your own footwork, by the time you figure out what you need to do, you'll be past your pitching prime. 
By showing you how to optimize your footwork, as soon as you begin your delivery, just like all consecutive year, Cy Young winners, you keep your throwing arm free to instantly trigger a Tommy John resistant, naturally productive and totally spontaneous throwing reflex.

Want to simplify your delivery and supercharge your results, then contact me.

L.A. "Skip" Fast
Independent Major League Pitching Coach
Pro Pitching Institute

“My simple, yet extremely powerful, business rule: fix it once and move on!”

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