Friday, July 3, 2015

Location gives you a focus

Your location tells you whether your subconscious uses lower body to keep you in balance or your throwing arm to get you back in balance.
Level hips at the top of your front leg lift creates …
1. Superior location.
Your location also drives...
a. A naturally productive arm slot.
b. No matter the pitch called, a deceptive fastball arm speed.
c. Extremely late ball movement.
d. Enhanced throwing arm speed.
e. An injury resistant throwing arm.
Even to the untrained eye, a delivery where you use your mind's "built-in response mechanism" to use your body the way it's built to work makes your motion look extremely effortless and efficient.  To the trained eye, an onlooker understands just how upwardly mobile your pitching career is.
Throwing Arm balance forces …
1. You to miss the target over the plate much more often than a pitcher with lower body balance.
Your inability to command your next pitch produces...
a. A naturally unproductive arm slot.
b. Depending upon the pitch called, a different arm slot and speed.
c. A more predictable ball path.
d. An upper body generated arm speed.
e. A Tommy John prone delivery.
Contact me to find out how to use your mind's "built-in response mechanism" to produce  consistently sustainable fastball command.

L.A. "Skip" Fast
Independent Major League Pitching Coach
Pro Pitching Institute

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