Monday, August 17, 2015

How often do you think about your mound routine?

A "good outing" is a collection of individual pitches that discourages the hitter from consistently making solid contact with your pitches.

A good mound routine is critical to your consistently "good outings".

Every mound routine tells your mind that you’re preparing to deliver your next pitch.

  • You prepare for each pitch with the same action in the same order.
  • Your mound routine is what works for you. 
  • Only adjust your mound routine when some element causes your hips to move from level.
  • You work on your mound routine every time you throw a bullpen or in a competitive setting. 
  • With a consistent mound routine, you begin your motion knowing you’ve done all you need to do to execute your next pitch as best you can.
  • A good mound routine breeds and builds confidence.
Following your routine limits the time you have for counter-productive thoughts.

Good mound routines include these elements.  
  1. Visualize your pitch.
  2.  Focus on a precise target within the catcher’s glove.
  3.  A check that your initial footwork promotes level hips.
  4.  Take a deep "belly" breath (compared to a chest breath).
  5. Begin your motion the same way you begin every motion.
  6. No matter the result, ask for the ball back and begin your routine all over again.
Instead of focusing on a good outing, a laser focus on your mound routine will make your good outings happen more and more often.

Ask me to make your mound routine more productive.
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