Wednesday, August 12, 2015

“Coach Google”

Anytime your regular pitching coach can’t help you get hitters out, you count on the internet to help you with your motion.
  • Human nature dictates, when you search the internet for solutions, you accept instruction that's consistent with your beliefs.
  • When you look for solutions consistent with your beliefs, you really aren't solving anything, but you listen to "Coach Google" anyway.
  • “Coach Google” is everyone’s all-knowing pitching coach.
  • “Coach Google” is entitled to his own beliefs and opinions, but not his own facts.
  • Your successful motion has a basis in having your hips level at the top of your front leg lift.
Any time you listen to "Coach Google" and you still struggle with your results, you're listening to the wrong stuff!

“Coach Google” continually forgets these simple facts …
  • You can’t change a reaction!- As soon as you make your first movement toward the plate, your body begins reacting.  Until you get both feet on the ground and get your hips back to level, your body continues to react.  Attempting to alter you reactions as
    if they were controllable action is a complete waste of your time.
  • With “Coach Google”, your improvement still turns into a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.- Unless you’ve spent 10,000+ hours looking at and understanding how your body reacts to itself, there's a very low probability you’ll ever focus on the right skill at the right point in your motion.
  • “Coach Google” can’t see your hip orientations- Unfortunately, in too many cases,you obsess over what “Coach Google” thinks you need to do without seeing any improve.  So what do you do... you look for another "Coach Google" who says the same things in a different way?
  • You expect “Coach Google” to help you.You want you succeed so badly that you use your occasional successes to support your improvement, but, unfortunately, “Coach Google” does fully address your worst misses.
The mere fact you thought to reach out for “Coach Google” tells me you’re searching for answers.
  • You're going to spend hours with “Coach Google” and only succeed in reinforcing what you already know.
  • The only way to truly improve comes from looking at your motion in another, more basic, manner. 
"The only way to change is to decide to change!"

Contact me to take you to heights that “Coach Google” can only dream of producing.
L.A. "Skip" Fast
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“My simple, yet extremely powerful, business rule: fix it once and move on!”

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