Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How comfortable are you with your comfort zone?

You rely on your comfort zone on all 3-0 counts.
  • You throw your 3-0 pitches with little anxiety and minimal stress. 
  • You just need to throw a strike without any concern for putting the ball over the plate. 
At 3-0, when you can throw a strike with your eyes closed, you're in control!

Once you deliver your 3-0 strike, its back to reality.

You're required to step out your comfort zone.

  • "Goodbye" comfort zone and "hello" anxiety and stress. 
Now, because you need your next pitch to look like a strike without missing your target over the plate, your next result has a basis in "hope" and your stress level increases. 

I use your footwork and front foot lift to keep your hips level at the top of your front leg lift.
  • I'll use your natural reactions out of your starting position to create a consistently efficient and extremely effective delivery. 
  • Since your mind's "built-in response mechanism" controls your results, I expand your comfort zone to include all your pitches.
Contact me to optimize and expand your comfort zone.

L.A. "Skip" Fast
Independent Major League Pitching Coach
Pro Pitching Institute

“My simple, yet extremely powerful, business rule: fix it and move on!”

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