Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stress Free Pitching

Imagine a motion where, as long as you properly place your feet in a particular location and you lift your front foot in a proven way, your ball will go...
  • Directly to your target with extremely late ball movement and, no matter your grip or release, a deceptive fastball arm speed.
What I just describes is exactly the way your body works when you let your mind's "built-in response mechanism" do the work for you! 
  1. By landing your foot plant with your front hip lower than your back hip...
  2. You force your mind's "built-in response mechanism" to spontaneously use your throwing arm to get your body back in balance.
Your throwing hand seamlessly moves through the same tiny release window all the time, no matter your grip, your opponent sees a fastball arm speed and your ball breaks right in front of the plate.

You challenge your opponent to make solid contact with each pitch, show evaluators your ability to immediately compete at the next level and receive serious consideration to any next level opening.

Ask me to make your motion stress free.

L.A. "Skip" Fast
Independent Major League Pitching Coach
Pro Pitching Institute

“My simple, yet extremely powerful, business rule: fix it once and move on!”

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