Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are you mentally tough?

Mental toughness is relying on your footwork to produce sustainable fastball command.

- Your footwork is a very repeatable position.
- Your footwork involves a couple of measured movements.
- Mental toughness doesn't mean you hope to battle back when you get behind in the count.

It takes mental toughness to religiously rehearse the same movements that get you into the same front leg lift position in the same way and in the same order on every pitch. 

- The way your mind works … you do the same skills in the same order over a two to three week period and your movements become natural and automatic. 
- Within two weeks, you know every pitch is going to to into your target area.
- Now, you spend time making the mini-adjustments that refine your command even more.

A Test - You know your skill is natural and automatic when you can successfully complete the movement with your eyes closed.

Sadly, the pitching culture makes you believe only the top pitchers display mental toughness.

Fact is that, with a focus on your footwork, everyone can display what onlookers perceive as mental toughness.

- Mentally tough pitchers realize that, as long as they put their body in the right position at foot plant, they know their ball travels into their catcher's mitt.
- When in a pinch, mentally tough pitchers refuse to change what they know works.  
- They use their footwork to force their lower body to produce naturally productive results.

Only the mentally tough pitchers, the pitchers who will achieve their dreams at the highest levels, keep doing the skills they know work and this begins with their footwork. 

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