Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Is Your Coach Gambling with Your Future?

Good coaches to instantly get you to use less effort to produce better results.

Be aware that your current coach is speculating with your future when...

  1. His adjustment fails to immediately bring your worst misses consistently closer to your target.
  2. He forces you to use your last pitch result to adjustment your next pitch arm slot.
  3. Instead of a laser focus on your movements, he uses your last pitch result to determine whether something works.
  4. He tells you what to do without telling you how to do what you need to do.
  5. He tells you to do stuff you already know you need to do.
I recommend you bases every coaching decision upon these “4 Critical Coaching Elements”.

Synchronized – Your first action impacts your second movement which influences your third movement which powers your fourth movement and so on … until you complete your motion.
Predictable – Your natural reactions power the behaviors that keep your hips level at the top of your front leg lift.
Expected – Every improvement gets you to use less effort to produce before results.
Sequenced –Your motion shows a very specific progression, inevitable ending and unavoidably better.
When your coach misses any to these "4 Critical Elements", I would question whether your coach is using your an a pigeon pig to sharpen this coaching skills?

No matter your age, your skill level or age, contact me to instantly harness your mind's "built-in response mechanism, , make your results next level ready and keep you Tommy John resistant.

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