Friday, August 21, 2015

“Showing No Weakness” Attracts Next Level Attention

Excellence makes you a scout magnet. 

Once your excellence does attract a scout, your stats mean nothing, your velocity doesn’t matter and what you’ve done in the past means nothing. However, what the scout witnesses means everything.

“Showing no weakness” means you know how to compete and you know what repeatable movements make you excellent. 

Competing comes from the evaluator seeing you use your lower body to pull your throwing hand through a consistently tiny release window.

-  The scout sees one fluid pitching motion.
-  The scout sees a repeatable motion.
-  The scout sees pinpoint location.
-  The scout knows you’re able to execute the coach’s pitching strategy.
-  The scout knows you show each hitter a deceptive arm speed.
-  The scout knows your ball will break extremely close to your target.

“Showing no weak” means you demonstrate the ability to consistently discourage hitters from making solid contact with your pitches.

When you have a weakness, you merely participate.

Should a scout be present for one of your dominant outings, you have no way to disguise how inefficient your movements actually appear!

“Showing no weakness” mirrors the Tommy John resistant, dominant fastball command the Pro Pitching Institute teaches.

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